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Toxic Custard Workshop Files Back issues

The Toxic Custard Workshop Files began back BW (Before Web) in 1990, when most people had never heard of the word "Internet". Now you can relive those brave, text-based days, authentically captured in these finely crafted back issues.

This is the (almost) complete collection, in all their preformatted, text-only glory. Now you too can track the history of Toxic Custard, from its humble university "how many Monty Python references can I get in" beginnings, to the wacky, off the wall, rib tickling, side-splitting humour of today.

They are arranged into groups of five because, frankly, it makes life easier for me that way. Some of the material (particularly from later issues) is contained in the other sections of the TCWF Web Site.


Note in a very small font: Some of the quoted email addresses within these files may no longer be correct. Use your browser's Back button to return to this index. Some of these documents contain coarse language and other such offensive material, and because they're in plain text files, they don't have PICS/RSACi protection to stop your kids reading them and becoming morally corrupted (but this page is rated accordingly - even though this page doesn't have any of that stuff on it. It's all perfectly logical when you think about it).











Toxic Custard Workshop Files