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Step 2: Dishwashing liquid

MIKE: Maybe you shouldn't have poured all of that washing-up liquid in it.

VYVYAN: But it says here, Michael look, "Ensure machine is clean, and free from dust"!

MIKE: Yeah, but it don't say, "Ensure the machine is full of washing-up liquid"!

VYVYAN: No, but it doesn't say, "Ensure the machine isn't full of washing-up liquid"!

- The Young Ones - "Nasty"

The toast had made a bit of a mess. It was time to clean the video up a bit. Now, as we all know from watching The Young Ones, the best way of cleaning a video is to pour dishwashing liquid into it.

So I got out the Morning Fresh, and mixed some up in a jug with some hot water. Just the thing for cleaning dishes, and naturally the solution to a dirty VCR. (Maybe this is what they mean when the service people say they cleaned the heads?)

I tipped up the video and poured the liquid in the front. And in the process, I discovered something: Video recorders are not waterproof. Who would have thought it? It all came straight out of the back of the machine, going all over the table. Oh well. At least the video would be nice and clean inside now, though I was betting the toast wouldn't be very edible.

Conclusion: Don't presume your video recorder is waterproof.

Step 3: Channel surfing

TCWF - How To Destroy Your Video

Don't try this at home, kids.

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