Toxic Custard Workshop FilesHow to destroy your video

Step 3: Channel Surfing

I packed up the video and headed over to Josh's place. He'd been out acquiring equipment and supplies for later use, and we were soon heading to the local skateboard ramp. Josh didn't need to do much convincing to the kids there before we had a small army of them eager to participate in the destruction of a consumer electronics device.

Josh's theory was that they could stand on the VCR, hold onto the cord, and "surf" it down into the skateboard ramp. Channel surfing, as it were.  

Naturally they all wanted to have a go at it. Some surfed it down, some sat on it instead.

They also wanted to just smash it, but we explained that we had other plans for its demise.

After they all had a turn riding it, we were ready to try something else.

Conclusion: There is no more cooperative group of people than a gang of boys who have been offered the chance to help legally destroy something.

Step 4: Dragging by the cord

TCWF - How To Destroy Your Video

Don't try this at home, kids.

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