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We destroyed my old video recorder, by putting food and detergent into it, letting kids use it as a skateboard, smashing it with hammers, dipping it into a lake, attacking it with an axe and a crowbar, running over it with a car, and finally blowing it up.


Because over the years, that VCR has been unreliable almost from when I bought it new. It had problems causing interference to TV signals, it chewed tapes, it scratched tapes, it got tapes stuck in it, and it broke down. And no matter how often it got serviced for these things, it did them again.

Eventually, I replaced it, but I decided that it wouldn't go to Cash Converters or be given away - I have no wish for someone else to be annoyed by it. And it wouldn't go in the bin. I would have my own back for years of frustration. I would have revenge. I would destroy it.

From a research point of view, we also discovered a number of things about VCRs along the way, which you may find interesting and possibly even useful. Read on...

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TCWF - How To Destroy Your Video

Don't try this at home, kids.

Copyright (c) 2001-7 Daniel Bowen. Special thanks to Josh and Cathy.