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Is it funny?

Results as at 27/1/2002

It's crap 13%
Don't want imitators 21%
Shame they won't show it 37%
Morons! It's the funniest! 28%

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What do you think? Is it funny?

Australia's Funniest Home Videos didn't seem to think so. I'm rather disappointed that I won't get the chance to win a new VCR.

What do you think?

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No Daniel, it's a load of crap. AFHV were right to reject it.

They probably rejected it because they didn't want kids all over the country to go get their VCRs and try to blow them up (etc etc). 

It's a shame AFHV won't show it. It would make a change from all the footage of toddlers falling off swings.

AFHV rejected it?! What morons! It's the funniest bit of video I have ever seen in my life!


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