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The beard...My First Beard: A live Webcast of the shaving off of my first beard... Coming up at 10pm AEST*! Join us in a few minutes for this momentous, amazing, and just slightly pathetic Web event.

(And if you've woken up at 5am or some other ungodly hour to see this, then may I be the first to wish you very good luck getting back to sleep when it's all over.)

This is a low technology webcast. It requires no plug-ins, no special multimedia Java applets, no Quicktime, just your browser, which hopefully in this day and age can load images.

This event is FREE. There is no need to enter your credit card number. However, if you really want to, please, go ahead:

Expiry /

This page will refresh automagically every couple of minutes so you can keep watching the action. At least, it should on most browsers. If it doesn't on yours, click your Reload button. Stand by, the shaving commences at 10pm!

*AEST Wed 10pm; Central 9:30pm; West 8pm; Auckland midnight; Tokyo 9pm; Hong Kong 8pm; Moscow 4pm; Berlin 2pm; London 1pm; New York 8am; Seattle 5am.

Then, at 10pm...arrow-forward.gif (158 bytes)